Project Extreme has played a critical role in the lives of Jewish teens across the globe. Since its inception, Project Extreme has saved countless Jewish teens and has provided them the tools to overcome their obstacles and challenges, and to become productive members of society.

Project Extreme is a one of a kind not-for-profit organization, which provides unique, innovative and individualized attention and services for teens-at-risk, their families, and their communities. Teens exhibiting at-risk behaviors have placed their entire social, emotional, familial and academic development in jeopardy. Project Extreme deals with all of these realities with compelling positive outcomes.

Project Extreme has developed a broad portfolio of both short and long term programs designed to assist teens in need and their families to overcome their many challenges by providing them with the life skills and training, social support networks and professional counseling, in a positive, healthy environment that is fun, exciting, secure and highly productive.

Project Extreme utilizes a strengths-based orientation with a focus on skills building, including life and coping skills, with a one-to-one participant/counselor ratio and a meaningful, long term follow-up program. Counselors are required to remain in touch with the participants through adolescence and into adulthood, and this unconditional long-term support assists the teens in continuing to utilize their newly acquired skills and make healthy life choices. Project Extreme's methodology allows for meaningful and healthy connections and fosters positive trusting relationships.

Project Extreme saves children's lives by providing individualized attention and innovative services. Project Extreme's programs are designed to assist challenged adolescents. Teens benefit from the life skills, social support networks and professional counseling they receive. Project Extreme programs include Miryams House, a shelter for young women; Project Extreme Summer Programs; Weekend Retreats; Yom Tov Programs; Evening Events; International Helpline and Crisis Text line; and more. All Project Extreme programs are staffed with a 1:1 staff - participant ratio and an onsite therapist. Participants join Project Extreme programs from across the United States, Canada, England, and Israel.

Project Extreme programs transform lives by helping teens move away from destructive behaviors, build self-confidence and make better choices. This enable them to reconnect with their family and their community. Project Extreme's programs are designed to:

  • Interrupt the participant's negative behavior patterns
  • Educate and create opportunities for healthy decision making
  • Enhance feelings of self-worth
  • Foster introspection
  • Improve family relationships
  • Identify key issues

    Project Extreme's short and longer duration programs are designed to assist teens in need and their families in addressing and overcoming the various challenges they are facing by providing them with:

  • Social support
  • Life-skills training
  • Positive/healthy environment
  • Fun and safe activities
  • Self-esteem and self-worth development

    All programming efforts are funded by generous donations. For more information and on how you may help save a child's life, please visit www.projectextreme.org or call 516-612-3922